Huida Hardware Factory is a integrated research, develop, manufacture and sales of top grade hardware products when established at 1998.As developing, we have our own material company and sales company that are being a comprehensive corporation.Huida has two major products, the decoration hardware and architectural hardware which are Zinc alloy concealed hinges, furniture handles, door bolts etc. We have advanced testing machine, precision products lines, high quality products, full-blown administration pattern, and professional technician. The technique and high grade quality products which are created a famous brand in domestic, and many other countries. With our experience professional technician, we are keeping to get the higher technique and manufacturing level, so that we are can supply the high grade products, stylish design, reasonable price and best after-sell to all the old and new customers.Welcome all the customers to achieve mutual succeed and brilliance together.


Adhering to the enterprise "inheritance seiko quality" brand philosophy, committed to improve the design process and production levels

Gating hardware series


Decorating hardware series


Kitchen accessories series


Add: Yongli Industrial Area, Jili Town, Gaoyao City. 

TEL: 86-758-8579030
FAX: 86-758-8573812 

The 125th China Import and Export Fair --Canton Fair

Address: China Import and Export Fair Complex Area C

Both NO.:16.4D28-29

Display Products: Door Closer ;Building Hardware and Decoration Hardware

Expo Time: 15th April, 2019--19th April,2019


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